I will not forgive DUP if they cave in to SF, and neither will thousands of others

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I see this coming week as the most crucial in Northern Ireland’s history.

Quite simply if the DUP give way on an Irish language act it will be the beginning of the end for any semblance of Britishness here.

Sinn Fein obviously wanted Arlene Foster out of the way and used the RHI scandal to try to get rid.

They saw her as a real obstacle to their republican agenda.

Maybe the elixir of power will make the DUP cave in and if it does it’s game set and match.

I for one would never forgive the DUP and thousands more would not either.

This means the unionist vote would be seriously split and Sinn Fein would use this split and weakness to manufacture another election.

An election which would see them hold overall power and Michelle O’Neill as the first minister.

Please Arlene do not sign Northern Ireland’s death warrant for the love of power, say no to this Irish language act now.

Michael Colwell, Carrickfergus