If Alex Kane will not vote, he should stop carping


The ever depressing and downbeat Alex Kane (Monday April 13) seems to takes great pride in announcing that in this election he plans to spoil his vote.

That a so called political commentator should withdraw from even the most basic political activity – using his vote constructively – renders his political opinions null and void in future.

If you don’t vote Alex, what right have you to continue to stand on the sidelines, carping that everyone is useless, everyone is wrong and how you think you know better than everyone else.

Furthermore, it is one thing that from the leafy suburbs of East Belfast this failed political operative turned self-styled unionist commentator will refuse to help unionism win back the seat, but for those of us in areas where we have a choice between Sinn Fein and representation, this championing of wasting your vote is repugnant. Elliott or Gildernew? Kennedy or Brady? Dodds or Kelly? Simpson or Seeley? Bell or O Muilleoir? And you think wasting your vote is something to be proud of Alex?

It just shows how you, like so many of the ‘commentator’s clique’, remain so out of touch with grassroots unionist opinion.

Unionism has a simple choice at this election – vote wisely by backing unionists who can win or take the Alex Kane path and allow our constitutional enemies to succeed.

That’s the choice, and while Alex sits back hoping for unionism to have a bad day so he can continue to moan and talk unionism down, my hope is that unionists wake up, wise up, and get out voting to make May 7 a good day for the Unionist family.

For years people didn’t listen to Alex Kane, my hope is that they won’t start now.

Stephen Andrews,