If collusion is going to be defined so widely, then the Irish colluded

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I just read Ben Lowry’s excellent article (‘Sweeping definition of collusion has helped a pro IRA narrative,’ Dec 23) and the article the web version that it linked to that he wrote last year (‘The growing myth of loyalist collusion,’ June 2016).

He cuts through all the legalese and exposes the falseness of the collusion accusation.

This raises interesting questions.

Apply this mile-wide, catchall to the behaviour of the highest level of Republic of Ireland government and An Garda Siochana during the Troubles.

Did it not amount to collusion with the IRA?

If this does not clearly qualify as what Lowry refers to as most serious form of collusion, and many believe some Garda guilty of that, then very close to it?

“Next most serious – security forces know about an impending murder by another group and do not stop it.”

But I doubt if the RoI establishment that is so concerned with the welfare of the northern population is likely to delve to deeply into that can of worms any time soon.

Despite the fact that the IRA they consistently sheltered accounted for over half of all Troubles deaths including more Catholics than the army and RUC put together.

Davy Wight, Carrickfergus