If only Sinn Fein would dislodge ‘victimhood clamp’

Letter to the editor

If ever there was an example of Sinn Fein’s self-perceived victimhood it was displayed in Francie Molloy’s pathetic attempt (BBC Talkback Monday Feb 5) to defend the actions of his party colleague Gerry Kelly, concerning the aforementioned Mr Kelly’s unauthorised removal of a wheel clamp from his illegally parked car.

Mr Molloy was adamant that the whole story had been, “blown out of proportion”, and said that if a Conservative MP had committed a similar offence, “it wouldn’t have been talked about”.

This delusional response is sadly indicative of SF’s overall narrative as they falsely attempt to portray themselves as representative of the “most oppressed people ever”.

As for Mr Kelly, he stated that he was “under pressure to get up to the talks” at Stormont.

It’s just a pity Mr Kelly’s party aren’t in a similar hurry to dislodge the “victimhood clamp” and get back into government.

Ken McFarland, Omagh

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