If pro-IRA graffiti is a hate crime, then so must be eulogising IRA murderers

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

I am somewhat bewildered by the article ‘IRA graffiti on Londonderry houses a ‘hate crime’’ (July 31)

This article goes on to refer to the writing of graffiti “IRA Ghost” daubed on “seven local homes and murals featuring the Apprentice Boys and British Legion” in Londonderry.

The writer goes on to quote various sources describing this action, by unknown perpetrators, as ‘sectarian attacks’, ‘sectarian slogans’ and ‘sectarian graffiti’.

Given that this is merely writing on the wall, how does this compare to the eulogising of IRA murderers by persons who are well known in the community?

Is this not also sectarian, and will the police investigate this with the same vigour?

Brian Kennaway, Belfast