If unborn babies are going to be culled to control population growth, then all age groups should be too

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The recent report of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) Joint Committee is discriminatory, in the extreme, in that its focus for culling the population is targeted solely on one cohort, namely, babies yet to be born.

The underlying sublimation, subtext or rationale of the report is to keep the Irish population growth in check ie. by means of contraception and and/or”termination” of the unborn; however, regarding the latter, the Oireachtas report carefully avoids drawing attention to the humanity of the unborn babies; this is a serious flaw that invalidates its raison d’etre and conclusions.

If the report’s objective is to keep the population growth in check (by means of termination with extreme prejudice), then, in justice the burden of being terminated should be shared by the wider Irish population, not just one vulnerable and utterly defenceless cohort, and include all age groups of the already born; quotas for termination could be drawn by lot.

Alternatively, different social classes might be targeted, for instance Oireachtas politicians, Irish media journalists and certain editorial writers - of course the specialist population zappers should be trusted to carry out this termination with care and great compassion and in a safe medical environment.

No doubt, zapping of the before mentioned cohorts, will be a decision taken after deep reflection, and, as a last resort, for the common good.

I suggest that the Oireachtas report be referred back to the Committee for further consideration of the points mentioned above.

Micheal O’Cathail, Fermanagh