Imagine if SF were the largest party

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I cannot believe how things have turned round.

Arlene Foster is being vilified while the real villains are waltzing around as if they represent the whole of Northern Ireland.

I dread to think what Sinn Fein would be like if they actually had a majority!

Just imagine what the outcry would be if it was Arlene blocking Stormont, saying, “I will not go into government with Sinn Fein unless they get rid of Gerry Adams as President due to his terrorist background and the scandal that engulfed him regarding his failure to act sufficiently when he learned there had been abuse in his family.

“And Sinn Fein must commit not to try and force any more pro-gay bills through Stormont.”

Can you imagine the outrage this would provoke? And yet this is what Sinn Fein is doing, while not even the largest party elected.

It is utterly ridiculous. Sinn Fein are trying to dictate what the DUP can and cannot do. Yet the DUP were elected the largest party by people like me! And when the DUP protect marriage, they are representing me and people like me.

Sinn Fein seem to have no interest in getting Stormont up and running. They bitterly oppose Brexit, yet are making sure Stormont will have no say in the negotiations. Gerry Adams is pulling the strings and Sinn Fein scent blood, they want another election because they think that they can make even more gains.

Unionism needs to shake off any apathy, if there is another election unionists need to get out and vote in force.

Or else they will see what Sinn Fein are really capable of.

Lee Maginnis, Portadown