In the British Isles, now only NI has real marriage

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

When Ruth Davidson claims that ‘Scotland is a better place today because of equal marriage’ (August 2), she is factually mistaken.

The fact is, Scotland and indeed the rest of the British Isles no longer have marriage at all, rather they have a equal form of Civil Partnership which has been given the title of ‘Marriage’. After all, to take the obvious example, Lesbians are physically incapable of consummating marriage in the traditional sense. So although there may be something termed equal ‘Marriage’ on the statue book, in reality real marriage has been ‘dumbed down’ into a de facto Civil Partnership in GB and the Irish Republic.

In fact Northern Ireland is the only part of the British Isles that has real marriage in the traditional sense. In theircampaign the same sex ‘marriage’ lobby should have the honesty and intregrity to admit that they are in reality advocating the ‘dumbing down’ of real marriage to a civil partnership.

Such candour would indeed be extremely refreshing - and unexpected.

Tom Ferguson, Ballymoney