Incompetent politicians

Operating Room''Accident and Emergency, A+E, A&E, Hospital.
Operating Room''Accident and Emergency, A+E, A&E, Hospital.

Our MLAs are the most incompetent of all the politicians on these islands.

They are incapable of sorting out problems on their own. They have to get London and Dublin or the Americans to hold their hands in sorting out their petty squabbles.

What an embarrassment to us all, yet they don’t seem to be embarrassed at all which they should be.

What must the other politicians on these islands and in the USA think of them?

They are not prepared to take difficult decisions, but want to be popular with their own constituencies.

They cannot handle the budget, so how could they possibly handle lower corporation tax with the consequent reduction in the block grant?

Then there is the old chestnut that we are a special case as we are still emerging from a conflict situation.

When are we going to accept that we are no different from any other region, possibly except the south of England?

There is too much point-scoring, rubbing the opponent’s nose in it and failing to deal with bread and butter issues.

When there is petty squabbling and intolerance at the top this feeds down to the population at large, causing bitterness and a lack of respect for each other’s position.

With a bit more tolerance and compromise solutions could be found on flags and emblems, parading and Irish language and this in turn would lead to a more tolerant society.

John R Fullerton

(Address supplied)