Involving women in British violence

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Re the story ‘Cameron in push for women on frontline’ (December 21), David Cameron, the British government (not Jeremy Corbyn) and most unionists here in Northern Ireland are great cheerleaders for war.

Women (girls) are to be given a front line combat role in the killing fields of the world where Britain chooses to impose its might is right philosophy.

As a response I pose this question: when was last time British military involvement has resulted in any country ending up more peaceful, prosperous or democratic?

To add young girls to these centuries old British criminal killings in Middle East etc. is wrong. Why not try using these girls for peace not war?

For the record, you cannot deliver peace from a Tornado bombers or killer cowardly drone in the middle of the night. Indeed it brings the opposite: resentment and revenge.

To jog the warmongers’ memories, think of British involvement this century in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine etc.

Let’s try peace not war.

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge