IRA boycott shut our business


With regards to your article ‘Enniskillen victim slams Martin McGuinness over ‘Proud to be IRA’ comments’ (October 17).

We were in the butchering business in Letterkenny, Co Donegal from the 1840s until we were forced out in 1973 by the ITGWU (Irish Transport & General Workers Union) with the full support of the IRA.



In 1972 theft of cash, goods and materials prompted a Garda investigation, two employees sought help from the local IRA, and this was refused. They then sought help from Martin McGuinness who was only too happy to oblige by calling a boycott of our business. This lead to a closure in June 1973.

We attempted to take legal action but failed. Our solicitor was threatened to drop our case and suffered a mental breakdown.

A Dublin lawyer refused information and accused the government of a cover-up.

A third Dublin lawyer wrote “I do agree that Joe has been treated absolutely despicably and should be entitled to justice”. The refusal of the Irish government to allow this case into an Irish Court of Law automatically prohibits access to the European Court of Human Rights.

I knew Martin McGuinness in the late 1960s and early ‘70s. He was a butcher who worked for the late James Doherty in the old Derry City abattoir at the top of William Street.

I went to the abattoir on business every week and on arrival I was greeted by a shout ‘Martin go get your gun, that Donegal Protestant is back again’.

In all the years I did business there I was never personally interfered with.

This is only one example of what the Northern Ireland Protestant can expect in the McGuinness/Adams United Ireland.

Joe Patterson, Canada