IRA man was given chance to surrender, unlike his victims

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Yet again we find it unbelievable the sheer hypocrisy of the republican clan in relation to one of their so called volunteers being shot on active service (‘Attorney General calls for rethink over IRA man’s case’, April 19).

The police did shout a warning, as well as fire warning shots but this man was a terrorist and a well known active member of the IRA and indeed the day he was buried they gave him a full IRA funeral.

How many of his victims were asked to surrender or given the opportunity to do so?

While the like of this hypocrisy goes on there can never be proper closure to the innocent victims who had no choice whenever their loved one was murdered.

This man did have a choice and he choose to use violence and murder and maim police officers and innocent civilians.

We will refer once again to what the IRA members are told when they join the organisation and that is expect to die or if you are lucky you may go to jail. You cannot equate these people on the same level as members of the security forces or innocent victims that they murdered.

Is it any wonder we have figures batting about of up 500,000 people being affected by the terrorist campaign in Northern Ireland?

If you take an attitude like this everybody in Northern Ireland would be affected. How can you equate somebody losing their limbs or indeed a loved one by an act of terrorism at the same level as someone who heard a bomb going off in the distance or whose loved one went to jail as they were out trying to murder people? Stop trying to put these people on a pedestal and call them what they are, criminals.

As Maggie Thatcher said ‘Crime is crime is crime’.

William Frazer, FAIR