Ireland north and south rejects abortion

Abortions in the UK are for social reasons
Abortions in the UK are for social reasons

Clare Bailey (March 26) criticised the Northern Ireland Executive for failing to “trust women” re abortion.

At a pro-abortion seminar which I attended, the main speaker advised delegates to tell lies in order to get an abortion, so can we really trust women?

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

No! 99% of the 200,000 abortions each year in the U.K are for social reasons and in most cases lies have been told.

There is no appetite for legalised, liberal abortion throughout the island of Ireland as the results of the election on February 26th indicate. Labour lost an unprecedented 80% of their seats, after making the legalising of abortion one of their top priorities and with the whole-hearted support of the media behind them.

Fine Gael’s slump in votes also reflected pro-life concerns when they lost pro-abortion and high pro-file T.Ds including Alan Shatter, James O’Reilly and Jerry Buttimer.

Interestingly, the Independent TD for Tipperary, Mattie McGrath doubled his 2011 vote. He told “The Independent” that the pro-life vote played a “huge role” in the election.

Our own potential MLAs should be aware of the ever growing pro-life lobby in Northern Ireland and throughout Europe, if they want to be elected.

I hope that Clare Bailey will come to recognise the unborn child as simply “one of us” and reject her campaign to bring unjust laws to both North and South of Ireland.

Rita Brennan, Rasharkin