Israel is no beacon of civilisation


With regard to the bizarre and outrageous statement in Morning View (January 21): “This episode emphasises the deep gulf between the values of Europe and America and most of the Middle East (with the exception that beacon of civilisation in the region, Israel).”

The above statement begs the question is there two Europes, two Americas and two Israels?

The America I know has this century, supported by Britain, laid to waste with their indisputable superior military machines – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria all today are governless tribal wastelands. In 2001 all were ruled with the exception of Afghanistan by strong men (notice I didn’t say good men).

Now millions are dead and prosperity is only a dream. Next Europe who in last two years has joined with the above two world bullies in a coup in Ukraine in overthrowing a democracy: today another wasteland where humans including children are killed.

As for Israel, the one I know of: in past year alone laid to waste the Gaza strip (an open air prison, no escape by land sea or air, a bit like shooting fish in a barrel). Result: 2,200 human beings dead including 450 children.

If this was not enough Israel continually demolishes Palestinians homes and bulldozes their olive groves to build illegal settlements in occupied territory.

To cap it all Britain, USA and Israel regularly drone other country’s citizens.

Beacon of civilisation?

If it was not such a catastrophe for those on receiving end, it would make you laugh out loud.

Peter McEvoy