Israel terrorises occupied people


We keep hearing about the only democracy in the Middle East, etc, but the four million Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories lack the right to vote for the government which controls their lives through the military occupation.

Voting and elections don’t make a democracy as anyone who lived in the former Soviet Union could tell you.

As the footage of IDF snipers shooting at Palestinian children playing on a rooftop attests to or the deliberate targeting for assassination of moderate Palestinian political activists and intellectuals or the claim by former IDF soldier, Eran Efrati, speaking on RT, that all reports from Israel must first pass through IDF censorship before they can be published home or abroad, Israel does not meet the requirements of a legitimate democracy and its so-called democratic credentials are only voiced by those desperate to legitimise Israel’s terrorist actions against those living in the Occupied Territories and its routine attacks on neighbouring countries — the unprovoked strikes near Damascus a recent example.

Louis Shawcross