It is clear that the authorities appease and are afraid of Islam

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It shows that inequality in the UK has evolved as Christians are being prosecuted for their faith and preaching from the Bible.

The latest case in Manchester of a Christian who called Islam satanic and received a community sentence, shows you the depravity that the authorities will stoop to appease Islam.

People can mock Christ in plays and media but you are not allowed to preach against Islam.

It is plain to see that the authorities are in fear of Islam.

We have seen in especially Northern Ireland that those who hold the most threat are taken by the hand.

The latest report that the person who reported Pastor McConnell will not be in court makes you think it has been a set up.

This is the same person who praised ISIS and was not even interviewed by the PSNI.

We as Christians are so glad that our God is big enough to be the judge of heaven and earth.

Our God does not want his people taking revenge because “vengeance is mine says the Lord”.

In recent days we have seen the passing of a racial equality bill by the DUP and Sinn Fein/IRA.

The DUP in trying to appease Sinn Fein/IRA have again failed innocent victims of the IRA in their campaign for justice.

It seems the only ones that the authorities are going after are those who were in the front line to protect us from terrorism.

John, Doagh