It is misleading to use the word ‘apartheid’ about Israel

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

Gary Spedding’s letter (October 5) seems to me an exercise in self contradiction.

The ploy of using the pejorative term ‘anti-Palestinian fanatic’ to describe those who support Israel (or even merely question the BDS campaign) rings rather hollow when he accuses them of ‘smear tactics’.

While I do not know Mr Middleton, I can identify nothing in his reported comments that suggest he is an ‘anti-Palestine fanatic’.

The use of the Dutch-Afrikaans word ‘apartheid’ to describe Israel is at best misleading and at worse deliberately misrepresenting the situation in Israel, the only multi-ethnic democracy in the region.

Apartheid was a means of institutionalising racial segregation in South Africa.

In contrast, Israel is seeking a peaceful solution which would allow her to extricate herself from the West Bank.

That others refuse to recognise the right of Israel to exist hardly inspires the necessary confidence on which to build peace.

It is of course ironic that the hand of Sinn Fein should be in the Derry Strabane Council resolution. This is the party which for decades supported a campaign of terror against the Protestant people along the Irish border carried out by its military wing. ‘The pot calling the kettle black’ does not even come close to describing their stance!

Your editorial headline (October 1) says it all: ‘The super-council that continues to sink to new depths’.

William Bennett, Annalong