It is right to put country first, as Lord Carson said

Edward Carson supported putting country before party

I fully support the letter from Jim Allister QC (‘Now more than ever unionists must put country before party,’ September 8).

That was always the position of Lord Carson.

Letter to the editor

The Good Friday Agreement has been a failure,

Not one piece of substantial piece of legislation passed in twenty years.

Any restoration of Stormont must be on an entirely voluntary basis.

The d’Hondt system based on mandatory power sharing is dead and must be replaced by a voluntary system if that is possible.

May I also remark on the continual interference by Mr Bill Clinton in the affairs of Northern Ireland, which is not welcome.

Mr Clinton would be better employed trying to put his own country right before continuing to make unwanted interferences in Northern Ireland.

The unionist majority in Northern Ireland are going nowhere.

Terri Jackson, Bangor

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