It is shameful how people can ignore atrocities by Israel

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

With reference to Saturday’s letter, “It was deeply shameful for the UK to side against Israel”, it could be said that the United Nations has been making dodgy decisions since the General Assembly passed a resolution in 1947 which led to the formation of the state of Israel.

The US has consistently used its veto powers over many decades to prevent criticism of Israel, for example, the UN resolution of 2011 declaring Israeli settlements illegal.

“The US stood alone among the 15 members of the security council...” the Guardian declared.

Good job then that the UN doesn’t operate democratically. Ironic then that the allegation of Israel being the only democratic state in the Middle East is parroted so much.

People have a choice to either reject the principle of a United Nations or else they can decide to adhere to its decisions. It’s no good crying when the decision doesn’t go your way whilst keeping schtum when favourable decisions are made – usually against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of states in the world.

I can’t recall any UN resolutions prohibiting IDF snipers from shooting Palestinian children playing on rooftops in Gaza in 2014 (see video This is a tactic of the

Israeli Army that has been going on for quite some time and in quite large numbers as the Chris McGreal article, “Snipers with children in their sights”, published in the Guardian in 2005 aptly explains.

Shameful how people can ignore such atrocities in their endeavours to make the indefensible acceptable.

Louis Shawcross, Hillsborough