It is time for a new Stormont speaker

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I again find myself in total agreement with Sam McBride’s analysis of the RHI scandal (December 31).

Whilst I think Arlene Foster was a pleasant change from the headmaster attitude of her predecessor Peter Robinson I nonetheless must say she has a lot to answer for with regard to the above scandal.

A money making racket was legalised by her not taking appropriate action to curb such abuses at the very beginning, by setting a cap on benefits to be accrued and therefore an obstacle to a burn burn attitude.

It would appear that the DUP thought the Treasury would pick up what was set to be an endless bill related to the discredited grant subsidy associated with RHI.

If Mrs Foster and the DUP feel that she has nothing to fear from a root and branch inquiry then wouldn’t the honourable thing be to step aside until all papers, emails etc have been investigated?

Those who watched Mrs Foster make her statement in the Assembly recently saw her attempt to paint herself “whiter than white” and saw the role of her colleague (Robin Newton Speaker played to facilitate the same).

Mr Newton has clearly lost the confidence of the majority of MLAs and all who witnessed such incompetence.

It was a display on the day from a man who was completely out of his depth.

He too should do the institutions the honour of resigning, and making way for a more professional standard bearer.

George F. D. Young, Cullybackey, Co Antrim