It is time London backed those who take their seats

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Several decades ago a friend was told by his friendly nationalist neighbour he was not that concerned about Orange walks being forced through growing Catholic neighbourhoods.

He predicted that demographics and ownership were on the side of his community.

Another elderly unionist I knew, not noted for extravagant statements, expressed concern about the fragmentation among some unionist leaderships unwilling to face up to political realities and coming together to propose a credible solution.

Failure on a strong agreement on citizenship in times of peace stacked up major problems for the future.

He felt that it was not unreal to predict that because of the challenges and growing unrest that in about three or four generations an all-Ireland settlement would be closer to achievement.

Such private statements by a unionist said publicly would be fiercely attacked.

However, in realty time has eroded liberties taken for granted and our land is more divided than ever.

Unfortunately, political agreements were devoid of a glossary of meaning so all sides thought they had the interpretation of this Holy Writ.

The root cause of citizenship is still not settled and there is not enough acceptance that Northern Ireland is a legitimate state for all of us similar to other modern countries.

Alex Kane makes the point in his News Letter column (‘It’s time to accept our congenital farce of a political process is redundant,’ August 21) that after so long our regional government has become a farce. Unfortunately we are all in the same boat. Is it too late to try and walk on water?

Lord Maginnis (Ken Maginnis) once told us that every time we walk away from the table it will be greener on return. However, if nationalists walk away they can expect the table to be more green on return.

It is time that all national governments involved in our issues to support those who want to take their seats and make democracy work for all of us.

The Sinn Fein (ourselves alone) stunt of holding government to ransom must stop and any peace agreement that allows this should be scrapped.

Neither London, Dublin nor Washington would paralyse their parliaments to satisfy rejectionists. I do not see London bend to please Sinn Fein members who refuse to take their seats.

David Barbour, Coleraine