It is wrong to burn the Tricolour


I totally agree with Tom Cooper (July 17) regarding the burning of the Irish Tricolour on 12th of July bonfires.

This practice is totally wrong, does nothing to foster reconciliation and should be condemned by unionist leaders.

The Tricolour is the official flag of an neighbouring state and should not be treated with disrespect, nor should the official flag of any other country.

The fact that the Tricolour is misused by various republican groups does not excuse such activity by loyalists.

Furthermore, the time for the loyal orders and in particular the Orange Order to step into the 21st century and review their policy on parading is long overdue. Orange order parades no longer have the entertainment value for unionist people they may have had 50 years ago, when there was only two black and white channels on 14 inch televisions, and one car at every third house instead of three cars at every house that we have today.

Foreign travel was for the well off only and that was mostly to Europe, whereas today there is nowhere in the world inaccessible to most people.

In short, Orange Order parades are anachronistic, mid last century fancy dress parades of which the dubious benefits are far outweighed by the nuisance and disruption they cause.

A Thompson, Dungannon