Jim Nicholson should know that the EU is moving towards political union

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor
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So after weeks of dithering Mike Nesbitt has decided to endorse a ‘Remain’ vote in the EU Referendum.

Veteran MEP Jim Nicholson states that he endorses this view, adding that “the UK Government must continue to seek further reform and ... return to the founding principle of free trade, as opposed to enlarged political union”.

So speaks a politician clearly living in fantasy land.

Just where has Jim Nicholson been for the last three years of ‘renegotiation’, when the EU refused the mediocre, largely meaningless reforms put forward to by the UK Government? Indeed for someone who should be informed about the EU,

I am left asking where he has been for the last thirty odd years! For as an MEP he should know more than most that the EU is charting a course completely the opposite of what he advocates, it will not be moved from that course and that such reform cannot and most certainly will not be achieved if the UK votes to remain in the EU on 23 June and surrenders itself to Brussels.

The last few months have shown that the EU is neither willing nor able to reform. For the UUP to justify a ‘Remain’ vote by the promise of further reform is both duplicitous and fanciful. We are better off out!

Robert McIntyre, Belfast