Kate Hoey will cement relations between Unionist MPs


Our supporter Kate Hoey Labour MP after providing a job description for Tom Elliott and Danny Kinahan went on to dream for a one pro-Union party across the Province by 2020 which can bring support from other traditions who are perfectly happy to stay part of the UK and just want to create a better life for everyone in Northern Ireland.

A good dream following a history where previous Unionist Leaders tried to create inclusivity but their dream ended in a nightmare. Even her party refuses to organize in the Province aligning itself more with the Nationalist All - Ireland SDLP. I once asked a work colleague of the ‘other’ political side what we need to do to open up our parties to traditional Nationalists; he replied, “Remove the title Unionist” I am sure she will do all she can to cement relationships between Unionist members as they begin a new session at Westminster.

David Barbour