Labour NI about more than Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn, right, and Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein, a party with which he had early political links
Jeremy Corbyn, right, and Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein, a party with which he had early political links
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Owen Polley’s article, ‘Labour doomed with Corbyn’ (January 26), misunderstands the new mass Labour Party and he puts too much emphasis on the current leader’s political views.

Jeremy Corbyn was wrong to give support to Sinn Fein in the years that they were linked to the violence of the IRA.

Letters to Editor

Letters to Editor

If any single issue did more to divide the people of this country, it was that campaign of violence.

Likewise, he has illusions that Sinn Fein is a socialist movement that can offer the people of this country any way forward. It cannot.

Winning over Corbyn to standing Labour candidates in Northern Ireland is not the central objective.

It is exposing the political myth that NI needs to solve the ‘national question’ before a united movement of working class people can develop and challenge the pro liberal dominance of unionist and nationalist/republican parties.

Labour NI is the largest party in the Province.

The party has five delegates to the Labour conference with full voting rights.

Grassroots Labour members in Britain react astonishingly that Labour NI cannot challenge elections under the Labour name.

Within Momentum, Corbyn’s base, the majority now back Labour NI candidates; a position that is about to become formal.

Fighting against public sector cuts and jobs can only come from the grassroots. Owen suggests it is ‘bloated’.

Tell that to a doctor, nurse, teacher, social worker, civil servant, police officer.

Labour NI now offers a party to unite working class people in NI and in Britain. However, the party hierarchy in Britain is against Labour NI standing for the regional government/assembly.

There is also the prospect of the a party of socialist activists in the south, backed by Unite the Union. I believe Labour NI should support and develop a working relationship with them.

Harry Hutchinson, Labour NI (Executive Committee member), Moneymore