Labour Party in Northern Ireland welcomes NEC review on organising here

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Labour Party in Northern Ireland (LPNI) welcomes the announcement that the Labour Party has officially launched its National Executive Committee (NEC) Consultation into organising electorally in Northern Ireland and standing candidates for public office here.

The Labour Party will be consulting with key stakeholders over coming weeks.

The consultation will run until the summer 2017, when a report will be presented to the NEC for consideration.

The key question the party will be asking is ‘will the impact of Labour running candidates here have a positive beneficial effect on

Northern Ireland’.

Given our recent experience of the failure of the existing parties to find agreement and the descent into ‘brutal’ sectarian politics, we would say the answer is definitely yes.

More than ever, if society is to move forward, Northern Ireland needs cross-community Labour Party politics based on those Labour values which are shared widely throughout our society: equality, justice and fairness.

It is time for all stakeholders in Northern Ireland to let the Labour Party know that we urgently need the party to stand electorally and play a transformational role in our society.

Boyd Black, Spokesperson LPNI