Language act is not best place for cash

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

I came back from making a purchase at a business that is closing in July with the loss of around 300 jobs.

I was told it has been purchased for tens of millions of pounds.

I got talking to one of its employees who told me he had worked there for four years and was still an agency worker.

My thoughts went to someone being an agency worker for four years?

Surely by this time he would have proven himself to be a capable worker?

There are too many firms allowed to keep people as agency workers for too long.

There is no doubt a method to their madness.

When it comes to losing your job, do agency workers have any rights to severance pay?

It would be interesting to see what monies will be afforded the employees to reward their loyalty to the business.

If it is true that it was sold for tens of millions of pounds, surely the least that can be done is to try to soften the blow to those affected; especially when we see the money that is being wasted by our politicians through the RHI scandal or those who were refusing to except the cap of £26,000 (£34,000 gross) pounds for welfare to please their own constituents.

Now we also hear that there are those who would wish to spend tens of millions of pounds on an Irish language act?

Would it not be better helping those who lose their jobs to get back into work by seeking to create jobs for local people?

The government pulled out of implementing that businesses had to justify not taking on British workers first. A law like this needs to happen.

John Mulholland, Doagh