Leader of unionism not at Westminster

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The leader of the main unionist party has not been selected by their party to stand for election to the mother of all parliaments; Westminster.

While the previous DUP leader didn’t stand for election to Westminster during the 2015 campaign he had by then already served as an MP for several decades.

At one time it would have unthinkable for a unionist leader not to represent Northern Ireland at Westminster.

Now, with Stormont slated for suspension – at least according to some politicians and media commentators – the current DUP leader might have little better to do than represent Northern Ireland at Westminster, and especially during these crucial Brexit negotiations.

It doesn’t exactly demonstrate commitment to the Union with Great Britain when unionist leaders are no longer focussed on Westminster.

It’s a curious situation, don’t you think?

Bernard J. Mulholland, Malone Road, Belfast