Learn Irish if you want but not with my money

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

With reference to Robin Glendenning’s letter (March 6) regarding unionists having a problem with the Irish language, I would like to state that I (as a unionist) do not have a problem with it, and those who wish to learn it should be free to do so.

The problem that I do have with it is Sinn Fein’s insistence that it should be promoted and subsidised out of tax payers budget.

This would be equivalent to the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal in terms of wasted money, as this language has no use/benefit in everyday or business life.

With our hospitals and schools crying out for money, it would be a disgrace if the Irish language was given special status, given the costs involved in translation etc, under the guise of equality.

His other hypothesis that it is in roots of surnames and place names etc., which may be so but it certainly had no recognition in unionist culture/language in my or my parents’ lifetime – it was a dead language!

So for the tiny percentage of nationalists who want to learn Irish for the benefit of some history book, fine, go ahead, but not with my money.

David Wilson, Beragh