Leaving an outdated union to become a good neighbour

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

There has been much speculation as to the likely relationship between the UK and European countries after Brexit.

There have been some worries that the EU might offer us a ‘punishing’ deal to stop us or others leaving.

That would be illegal under the UN Charter, which bans any kind of bullying against the right to self-determination.

European leaders have recently given assurances that they will work with us towards a ‘smooth Brexit’ and that negotiations will not be aggressive.

The joint commitment to balanced, fair and free trade is established policy which bodes well for the future.

It supports agreements made by the world’s leading economies (G20, World Trade Organisation) that trade blocs should be about increasing trade and not to raising barriers to trade or causing adverse effects for others.

Brexit is not about cutting ourselves off from the world, rather it is about is about leaving an outdated political union to become a good neighbour.

Mark Taylor, Campaign Manager, New Alliance, London