Let UK government deal with legacy

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

So we have Sinn Fein holding Northern Ireland to ransom again with their insatiable demands and showing they are not fit for government.

We now face the prospect of another unnecessary election that the public have no appetite for, or direct rule where they can sit back and blame the British government if water, prescription and other charges are introduced.

Though not ideal the Secretary of State should call their bluff.

Let’s have direct rule and let the same ministers deal with one of the big stumbling blocks – the legacy issues.

With the British government pulling all inquiries from the statue books, giving every soldier who served, or who is under investigation in these so called witch hunts public immunity certificates and any current or historic convictions quashed.

Should they want to apportion blame let them sell that to their community that by failing to make Stormont work they have failed to deliver and save their community from social, welfare issues and so called historical legacy issues.

That will be a hard sell. So let’s have direct rule and let the unionist parties use the favours gained on the Brexit support vote to lobby all MPs to have all legacy issues repelled through our legislative parliament and settled once and for all.

Brian Higginson, Lisburn