Longing for the Chuckle Brothers again

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Are all our elected politicians and in particular the DUP vaccinated against any type of culpability or integrity when acting and making decisions on behalf of the public?

Let me answer this, of course you are.

You have been blessed with a political system designed for inertia, to deliver peace (delivered) and where conflict has moved from the streets to Stormont, and where for the most part the political discourse has been largely without a vision and infantile. Paul Givan’s withdrawal of funding for the Irish language was exactly that.

The problem is that there are no political and even worse no electoral consequences to failure.

You and your political adversary Sinn Fein (the new establishment) have been blessed with a bunch of so called opposition parties who do not seem to have a compelling vision for our collective futures or at best if they have, it is well hidden. To be fair to them, any opportunity for a whinge, they are in front of the cameras “like two men and a wee lad”.

So, you are about to throw all of us into another election cycle to deliver absolutely nothing.

Putting your hand up and being contrite is not a sign of weakness but a sign of political strength and integrity, attributes that we are sadly missing in our politics.

Finally, get around the table asap, sort this out and let’s get on with some real politics which is outward facing with policies and ideas that excite the electorate, build a common citizenship and a compelling narrative, if not for me, my children.

By not doing this you are, by default letting your great political adversary off the hook. Forget leadership and show some statecraft.


Are we going to look back in years to come and say “Ahh the Chuckle Brothers, those were the days”.

Suneil Sharma, Belfast