Lord Kilclooney: Republic must quit EU or get special status within it

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I enjoyed the letter from Mr Seanán Ó Coistín (‘Stupefied by Lord Kilclooney letter,’ May 15) of Germany and I agree with much of it but not his conclusion.

I suspect he is not a unionist!

The economy of the Republic will be crucified unless it is given a special status within the EU or exits the EU. After all realism caused the Republic to join the EEC the same day as the UK.

Initially southern politicians tried to conceal the damage that Brexit would cause to the economy.

Now it is increasingly being accepted that the Republic, more than any of the other 26 EU nations, will suffer most from Brexit.

Its agri exports are already in decline; mushroom plants are closing down; beef prices are in decline; the number of UK tourists has fallen 6% so far this year; and now its Central Bank suggests that 40,000 jobs could be lost.

As Mr Ó Coistín accepts it will no longer be business as usual.

The best answer to this expected damage to the southern economy is (1) for it to leave the EU the same day as the UK or (2) to gain special status within the EU so that it may have a privileged trading relationship with the UK.

Either way it will bring the Republic closer to the UK which actually will please an increasing number of people within the Republic.

Lord Kilclooney former MEP Mullinure, Co Armagh