Lords scandal proves one law for rich and another for poor


Yet again another member of the “Right Honourable Gentleman’s Club”, as members of the British parliament, including the House of Lords, are generally referred to, has defiled their inappropriate bestowed reverence, with tasteless, obnoxious behaviour.

Sadly such actions, appear to have no boundary, lewd sexual acts, carried out on both sexes, with perhaps the most obnoxious of them all, being their paedophilic behaviour on innocent children.

Unfortunately, there are also those, in the media and entertainment profession, that succumb to similar behaviour, where the moguls of both professions, hold positions, to stage-manage society’s belief, that Ms X or Mr Y are a special class in their entertainment field.

Any criminal acts, that many of these high ranking and esteemed (?) members of our society, have partaken in, are generally protected by their friends in the legal system.

There has to be something wrong with a society, that is portrayed as being a democracy, when it allows such happenings to be protected, or worse, by being covered up.

I ask does any of these people have no shame?

Seventy plus years ago, I was told that there was a law for the rich, and another one for the poor, how true that statement has turned out to be today.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin