Loyalist bonfires are crude and need to be contained

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As a Protestant I am disgusted by this crude representation of loyalist culture each year on the 11th of July.

I refer to the building of sky high bonfires which have no regard for people living close by, nor the combustible material they contain, nor the extent of insult they show to others by placing flags, election posters etc on the bonfires.

The height of ambition of these low achievers seems to be to build a higher bonfire than the loyalists in a neighbouring estate, regardless of the consequences or the pollution produced by tyres.

If ever an example of the low educational attainment in loyalist estates was needed then surely this is it.

A more thorough investigation needs to be done to determine where all these tyres and pallets are coming from.

Legislation is required to limit the size and location of these bonfires and also the materials that they contain.

The broad Unionist MLAs need to show leadership and support legislation to contain this madness before someone is killed; surely the burning of two houses from bonfire sparks this year is a wake-up call.

J Fullerton, Co Londonderry