Loyalists besmirch memory of 1916 Somme

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I was disgusted to read the article yesterday (May 13) regarding Mr Irvine and the thugs his group represents giving their seal of approval to a commemorative flag for the Somme.

I’d like to make it very clear (and I feel I speak for all those that value their history) that it is deeply offensive that these people associate their organisations with the sacrifice of the Somme and the Great War.

To put it politely these modern day loyalist paramilitaries are nothing but a menace to our society.

Personally the Great War and the part that we played is of great value and importance to me.

To even give these people column inches regarding a flag they are producing is very, very upsetting and does nothing but besmirch the sacrifice made by those brave men in 1916.

D Mulholland, Co Antrim