Luther was a cause of the end of the ‘dark ages’ of Rome

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

I have just read Michael O’Cathail’s letter (February 13) and it is a twisting of historical facts.

Luther never splintered Europe, in fact he was a cause of the ending of what is known as the ‘dark ages,’ a time in which the church of Rome was responsible for the slaughter of, as respected historians claim, 50 million people who would not conform to their tyrannical rule.

As for his point concerning the Roman Catholic population, it will not bear scrutiny; indeed it is the very opposite, for in the 1641-43 massacre 300,000 Protestants were slaughtered by Irish Roman Catholics.

The Christian religion was established in Ireland by Greek missionaries, and the Irish clergy had no connection with, nor did submit to, the jurisdiction of the Roman pontiff, until the year 1152, when Pope Eugenius sent, by cardinal Paparon, four palls to the archbishops of Armagh, Dublin, Cashel, and Tuam, when the Romish ritual was substituted in the place of the Greek, which was previously used in the Irish church; an undoubted proof that it was perfectly independent of the pope till that period (Musgrave’s History of the Irish Rebellions).

From that date unti today there has be nothing but rebellions in Ireland.

The answer is return to the doctrines of the Protestant reformation – the doctrine of God’s free and sovereign grace, the doctrine and reformation which brought freedom to Europe and the world.

I pray if it were the Lord’s will He would turn this people of Ireland from Satan and sin, turning them to the Lord Jesus Christ the prince of peace!

David Burrows, Dungannon