Make helping the NSPCC your New Year’s resolution

Operating Room''Accident and Emergency, A+E, A&E, Hospital.
Operating Room''Accident and Emergency, A+E, A&E, Hospital.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of your readers who have supported the work of the NSPCC in Northern Ireland during the last year.

Without the backing of local people the NSPCC would not be able to help abused children rebuild their lives, or be there for parents who desperately need advice and support.

As we move into 2015 I would like to appeal to your readers to make a very special kind of New Year’s resolution for the NSPCC.

‘Just One Day’ is a call for people to come forward and volunteer some time to support our work – even if people can only spare one day, it will be a massive help.

There are many different ways that people can volunteer their time including helping out with admin at one of our offices; becoming an NSPCC ChildLine Schools Service volunteer; becoming a ChildLine helpline counsellor; getting involved in an event by setting up stalls or taking photographs, or cheering on NSPCC participants in a sporting race or activity.

Or why not start the New Year by setting a challenge to take part in a run, walk or skydive for the NSPCC?

Abuse ruins childhood, but it can be prevented. That’s why the NSPCC is here. That’s what drives our work, and that’s why as long as there’s abuse the NSPCC will fight for every childhood.

Please join us in the fight for every childhood by volunteering some time to support the NSPCC in Northern Ireland, whether you can spare a day a week or just one day.

To find out more log on to or for further information on all our events and challenges contact the Fundraising Team on 028 9035 1135 or

Thank you again for your support and best wishes for 2015.

Neil Anderson

Head of service for NSPCC Northern Ireland