Many people have a share of the blame for the Troubles


So, James Galway has upset a few people, when he made a statement of what was obvious, to the majority of the people, that Ian Paisley must share some blame, for his rhetorical language during the Troubles.

Unfortunately Jimmy (as he is affectionately known) only mentioned Ian Paisley, the list is endless when it comes to those, who undoubtedly must also share the blame of division, that helped form people’s opinion, and/or action, for them to vent their dissatisfaction, at those whom they disapproved of.

Even those who dominate the media, must also be taken into account when it comes to blame.

The only people whom I attribute no blame, is the people on both sides of the religious divide, that carried on with their normal relations with their neighbour.

James (Jimmy) Galway, is a world renown flautist, besides having no political, sectarian divisive belief.

That are few people in this world that have never heard of James Galway, and more importantly for all the right reasons, I am afraid I cannot say the same applies to the late Ian Paisley.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin