Many residents of Mosul will die due to a problem US and UK created

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

May God, if there is one, help the residents of Mosul who are about to die (be sacrificed) by the tens of thousands, to rid their city of Isis who the world bullies (ie America and Britain) created.

Come Christmas Mosul will be in rubble like Libya and Syria thanks to the above bullies’ superior air power, some manufactured in Northern Ireland, and they will call that a victory.

They will return home like heroes, great warriors and be awarded medals, gongs, stripes etc and feted as the bravest of the brave.

What a sad, unjust, oppressed world we inhabit where this century alone Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria Yemen Ukraine, etc. have been decimated by the bullies and their allies in Nato.

If this ever ends in World War Three, it will end up with us all dead or living in the desert. When, oh when, they will ever learn to live and let live?

That violence breeds violence?

And that might is not always right?

Peter McEvoy, Banbridge, Co Down