Many victims would agree with Ann Travers

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

So far as Professor John D Brewer`s comments are concerned I sometimes think we listen to much to academics, particularly to those who don’t live in the real world.

Here we have a sociologist who is paid to “teach” about “post conflict” situations, a job I’m guessing relies heavily on him reading a lot and deciding which of the authors he reads is likely to be talking the most sense.

The hugely brave and articulate Ann Travers is a genuine victim of the IRA.

Presumably the good professor, whilst disagreeing with a lot of what he reads, wouldn’t for a moment argue against the authors’ right to put their respective points of view, so why then did he feel compelled to make this point in relation to journalism, whilst tacking on an even cheaper point about a victim?

Ms Travers does indeed represent victims, as she is in fact one herself and dare I suggest that many others who have suffered from terrorism would very much support her views.

Perhaps it’s time for Professor Brewer to pick a new subject to dwell on and/or to get out a bit more!?

Jack Irwin, Bangor