Marching bands spread much joy

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I was rather disappointed to read the recent article by Sandra Chapman (July 16) regarding the restored funding available to marching bands for the purchase of musical instruments.

Sandra seemed to highlight all the negative issues which the media wrongly associates with marching bands.

I have to say that up until recently the News Letter has been a great supporter of the marching band movement but sadly this is no longer the case. The weekly column by Quincey Dougan was an absolutely fantastic resource that has sadly now been lost.

Quincey’s report kept us up to date with all the latest goings on across the country with a useful reminder of what parades were taking place where over the weekend.

I attended the Blair Memorial Parade in Omagh for the first time on Friday night and I was amazed at the diversity and quality of bands on show in the County Tyrone town.

Representation was made from all six counties of Northern Ireland as well as the Pride of Stone Park Band all the way from County Cavan.

Parades like the Blair Memorial should be highlighted and publicised for all the positive issues and the enjoyment that it brings to the many people who thronged the streets of Omagh.

I myself travelled all the way from Rasharkin in County Antrim to watch the parade.

Please consider reintroducing the weekly band report as like the instrument funding it is an extremely important resource for the local band fraternity.

Fred Mairs, Rasharkin