McGuinness ‘a hypocrite’ to attack Wells


Jim Wells made a remark which, within hours he has withdrawn, apologised for and made clear does not represent the views of himself or the Democratic Unionist Party.

Whilst the response from political opponents has unsurprisingly been opportunistic, with their eye on an election campaign, those from Sinn Fein and in particular Martin McGuinness reek of hypocrisy.

Martin McGuinness has claimed that Jim Wells’ position is untenable despite a clear withdrawal and apology from Jim for the comments that he made.

Contrast that with, over a period of decades, Martin McGuinness has hidden behind his IRA oath of secrecy in preference to telling the truth and he continues to defend the actions of an IRA who murdered indiscriminately and eventually failed in their objective.

Indeed, his party colleagues only two weeks ago in Lurgan also failed to condemn a speech encouraging people to get involved in terrorism.

No one should take any lectures from Martin McGuinness, unless he now wishes to step forward and follow the advice of someone who has recognised their mistake and made a full and frank apology.

Gregory Campbell

East Londonderry, DUP