McGuinness should back Irish unity within the UK

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

So, Mr McGuinness wants the present open border arrangement of Ireland, to remain as it is, courtesy of the EU I may add.

Can I suggest to Mr McGuinness that there are now not one, but two ways to achieve his long held desires, that would not only open the border to his satisfaction, but would unify the indigenous people of this island at the same time.

For surely the unification of the indigenous people of Ireland, must take precedence, over any present open border, to not only Mr McGuinness, but his whole republican brotherhood?

At present, the indigenous people of the whole of this island, are governed by unelected politicians from 28 foreign countries, thankfully that will soon no longer apply to Northern Ireland.

The people of the present British political arrangement, covering the whole of its electorate, ie. England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, voted by a clear and significant majority, telling the British government to detach itself from the European Union.

A political union that has demonstrated abysmal failure, that not only has been responsible for thousands of lost lives, but has created a situation, where it will become only a matter of time before it collapses.

Then what? I say to Mr McGuinness, and more importantly, the millions of people that have dreamed of having a European Union utopian lifestyle?

I repeat what I have said before in the press, the devil you know is better than the devil you do not know, a unified Ireland of 32 counties, within Britain, would benefit ALL the people of this island.

In conclusion, I say ignore the anathema, that both those of republican and loyalist persuasion would feel, bite the bullet, and satisfy the majority law-abiding people, not the minority that has created a hell on earth, this for everyone on this island.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin