McGuinness talk was slap in face for victims

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The fact that an ex Provo had been invited to speak at a victims’ conference is shocking and a terrible slap in the face for victims and survivors of terrorism.

How can the organisers of this event justify their actions?

I can’t understand how the Victims Commissioner could be unaware of the deep hurt and anger such an action would cause those of us who are victims and survivors of terrorism.

I believe everyone knows that “the elephant in the room” is the current definition of a victim and until the government rectifies this the victims and survivors of terrorism will have to bear the indignity of seeing the terrorists who created the victims also treated as victims.

No amount of distractions by republicans about security force failures to prevent incidents or whinging about government withholding information can alter the fact that terrorists were responsible for ninety per cent of the murders and thus created the vast majority of victims.

I appeal to whoever is responsible for organising any future suchlike events to show some compassion for victims and survivors of terrorism by not inviting unrepentant ex-terrorists to address them.

Sammy Brush, Dungannon