Migrant influx will alter Europe


Re: The refugee crisis, there is danger that people caught up in the fever of this moment will fall prey to their emotions.

Our superficial age has spread like a virus to the churches to produce superficial Christians.

There is no-one more dangerous than a naive, well-meaning Christian quoting scripture out of context. Seamus Heaney referred to a neighbour like that as “a whitewashed wall hung with texts”.

If ever there was a time we needed Christians with wisdom it’s now. “There is no longer any prophet”.

The prime minister is adamant that 20,000 refugees will come here in the next five years, but that is optimistic. Once they settle in other European countries, under freedom of movement they can move anywhere and Britain is a magnet.

We are told that the number of “refugees” is a small percentage of the population of Europe.

They fail to tell us that most of these “refugees” are Muslim, and will be joining sizable Muslim populations in Britain, Germany and France.

Can the DUP guarantee that all the “refugees” flooding into Europe have not been infiltrated by Isis?

A further influx of Muslims into Britain will also lead to a demand for mosques in areas where there are none? Thanks to the DUP Northern Ireland will get its share.

Germany has been commended for its open door policy to refugees.

Angela Merkel has said this will change Germany for ever – will it be for the better, or will it create greater problems further down the line, not just for us, but our children?

Germany created a refugee problem in the 1930s and 40s and is now creating an even bigger problem.

We should help genuine people in need, but we need to be sure that by taking strangers in they don’t end up claiming the deeds of the house with a view to restructuring.

The only sane voice in all this madness was the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban who said “the presence of large numbers of Muslims in our country will have consequences”. We used to have a politician like that in Northern Ireland.

This influx of “refugees” will not only change Germany it will change Europe and Northern Ireland.

We need to be careful what we wish for. We might get it.

A Watchman, Portadown