Minister Bell and DUP should admit they are wrong on Europe


A Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) report, carried out by the Oxford Economics consultancy, shows Northern Ireland is more vulnerable than other parts of the UK to potentially negative impacts of an EU withdrawal.

Only last month, I asked DETI Minister Jonathan Bell would he be the only Enterprise Minister in the UK who would be leading the charge against local industry and business by advocating an EU exit?

He responded his department had commissioned this report by Oxford Economics and we should wait to examine it.

That report is now public and it sets out the case against Brexit.

The facts are Northern Ireland will remain stronger as part of the EU, with reduced trade barriers and increased social cohesion among other factors.

I would call on the minister to admit his party have got this wrong, listen to the experts who are clearly saying we should remain in the EU and the DUP to change their position on this matter.

Stewart Dickson, MLA East Antim