More positive words from Leo Varadkar on Brexit

Letter to the editor

Whilst Leo Varadkar has struggled to get the mood music right, in his dealings with us, his latest words about Brexit are more positive, and perhaps offer the chance to start afresh.

He has talked about a “bespoke” Brexit deal and hinted at the UK making continued budgetary contributions, after Brexit, to achieve good access to the single market.

Brexiteers should not be enraged by this latter point, in fact such a deal would be nothing short of a miracle.

Staying close to the customs union, perhaps with leeway to make our own very limited trade deals, would save industry, indeed boost it, and largely solve the border problem.

But staying close to the single market would save, indeed boost, the absolutely vital service sector.

With luck Mr Varadkar’s pleas over the border may make Brussels less dogmatic on these matters.

Provided we pay up, potential disaster could become relative success, and unionism could then concentrate on designing a more positive and inclusive future for Northern Ireland.

Challenging as it could be for them, the DUP might learn from Ruth Davidson, and as for that bridge across or tunnel under the North Channel, perhaps it is time to put it back on the agenda.

After Brexit we will need something bright, new and unifying, something to inspire.

John Gemmell, Shropshire

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