More truth in Hitchens and Dawkins than Bible


I write to express my dissatisfaction about the level of coverage given to religious leaders in the aftermath of the Ashers bakery case and gay marriage referendum south of the border.

In the defence of their morally bankrupt position, in most cases, they have slandered everyone who stood against them and told atheists like myself that I’m going to burn in hell.

Many liberalists have been quick to say that we have a case of conflicting rights, and that the rights of religions have to be respected.

I’ve had enough, it’s time to look at the validity of the belief structures within religion, namely Christianity.

I’ve read the Bible, and I’ve read the books of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Carl Sagen, and I guarantee you that you will find more truth and morality in their writings than you could ever hope to find in the Bible.

The Bible is a disgusting piece of literature, and the god contained in it is violent, moody, egocentric, homophobic and genocidal.

The fact that we listen to those who pedal this nonsense to society is utterly concerning, especially given that they chose to ignore some of the funky stuff like going to hell for shaving or eating shrimp.

Surely we can no longer accept the argument that Christianity has a monopoly on morality?

I firmly believe that we have reached a tipping point.

The internet has given millions of people access to knowledge they couldn’t possibly attain otherwise, and this knowledge will spell the end of religion, at least in the western world for now.

Young people realise the folly of religious doctrine, they see that it has no virtue in a compassionate society and that the opposite is in fact true.

Religion has been a cancer on the human race, it has stifled the wonderful achievements of science and it has squandered untold wealth appeasing a vicious figment of our own desire.

Even today the combined wealth of Christian churches could pay off third world debt twice over.

Instead Christian churches send Bibles to starving people, and harbour perverts and paedophiles in their midst.

In short, Christianity is not a Bastille of morality.

It is a defunct relic of our ignorant past and it’s high time we abandoned it completely in favour of a compassionate, moral and secular society.

Finally, a question for the religiously indoctrinated.

If god created everything, why did he give me a brain capable of working out that he doesn’t exist?

Enlightened, Brookeborough

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