Mr Flanagan is a fixture at Stormont

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Has Charlie Flanagan been elected or is he just so concerned about Brexit that he is leaving open the option of being a British politician?

He seems to be a permanent fixture at Stormont!

We, the victims, could see past this if he was simply sharing his government’s expertise on legacy matters. The facts are the Republic of Ireland government have lost any credibility they might have had due to no meaningful co-operation, and certainly no mutual aid (internationally recognised level of co-operation, one country to another).

We have recently come into receipt of more intelligence material generated from the RoI which clearly shows that a number of the gunmen involved in Kingsmills lived openly in the RoI both before and after the massacre.

This gang were allowed, from the summer of 1975 to train, do ‘dummy’ runs, man illegal Vehicle Check Points and then carry out mass murder from Newtownhamilton to Newry.

We now know that they could have been stopped after Tullyvallen as the security forces on both sides knew the names of them all.

So, Charlie, do you really want to discuss collusion and governments that turn a blind eye to their nearest neighbours being slaughtered?

A number of the named ‘rebels’ are dead. We insist on them being named, and for those that are still with us, we are pushing for this intelligence to be acted upon, where these men will at least be asked to give an account of their part in sectarian murder.

So Charlie, until you learn proper government diplomacy, go home and stay in Dublin, or wherever you were elected, in that land that provided a safe haven for terrorists.

William Frazer, Co Armagh